Thursday, March 30, 2017

What is photography?

What is photography?
Hai friends this is my new tutorial about photograpahy.  Photography is an art where each one of us has in our inside. A baby`s first cry is an art of sound you know it that we never cry with the baby. Nature is a vast cellar of art. No photography needs script or direction. It Come from the camera holders mind. Everyone has different views in framing. For a particular picture photographers waited for years and months. So that is dedication to art. It`s not the look but the work is the matter. First create an ankle in mind. Secondly discuss it with your close friends may be they have some different ideas in mind that may help you. Wild life photography is not arranged so it takes time to get your intimate shot. But wedding photographic setting is arranged so you get that much time to take more photos as you wish. Whether it is wildlife or wedding photography you must repeat the search for a satisfying shot. Don’t be disappointed if you did not get a decent shot.
This is only a small part of photography there are many things to say about it.

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